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Ultralight X Beam with CNC XY Joints and FULL Titanium Hardware

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Size: 250mm

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Ultralight X Beam with two piece interlocking XY Joints using precision shafts for the pulley and bearings for Voron V2.4 and Trident combines rigid CNC'd construction while maintaining a light profile (weighing approx. 134g for a 350 beam). A perfected design, the Ultralight X Beam by Common Anomaly Productions provides a lower profile while increasing stiffness and reducing thermal expansion over a standard 2020 extrusion. These are absolutely stunning, anodized black with a highlighted Voron Design logo and machined accent machined face.

Why are mine (slightly) more expensive than those available elsewhere? Because grams count. For this kit, every piece of hardware is titanium. 

Pair with:

  • 2x Toothed Idlers
  • 4x F695 Bearings
  • 1x MGN12H Linear Rail
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Customer Reviews

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Looks like a very nice setup installed.


Absolutely amazing x beam and joints, this thing is so nice and well made I almost didn’t want to mount it. Once I got everything setup it was amazingly rigid, now flex what so ever, the parts are held to very tight tolerances which is very important, some spots needed light sanding in the bolts which is super easy. After installing everything and running input shaper I have significantly increased my accelerations and reduced vibrations. I can’t recommend this enough, it’s pricey but absolutely the best money can buy, your x axis will never be a cause for problems with it


I thought the boxes were empty

Size: 250mm