Voron Trident Fasteners Kit

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Type: Stainless Steel

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Fastener kits for the Voron Trident 3D printer. I've bumped up the count by ~1.2x for fasteners and ~1.5x for roll-ins, t-nuts and heat set inserts. Extras are good for snacks.

The kit comes in three variants: Stainless steel, Black oxide coated alloy steel and Black nickel coated stainless steel. 

5x40 SHCS 12
M5x30 BHCS 8
M5x16 BHCS 51
M5x10 BHCS 66
M5 Hexnut 18
M5 1.0mm Thick Shim/Washer 27
M5 T-Nut 100
M4x6 BHCS 9
M4 Thumb Screws 4
M3x40 SHCS 8
M3x30 SHCS 26
M3x20 SHCS 10
M3x16 SHCS 20
M3x12 SHCS 78
M3x12 FHCS 3
M3x8 SHCS 158
M3x6 BHCS 41
M3x6 FHCS 17
M3 Washer 3
M3 Hexnut 3
M3 Lock Nut 8
M3 Roll-in T-Nut 100
M3 Hammerhad T-Nut 100
M3 Heat Set Inserts (M3x5x4) 100
M2x10 Self Tapping Screw for Plastics 24
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This fastener kit includes all BOM screws for a trident build. its very well sorted and made. Making assembling a breeze for your New Voron trident! Look no further for your ultimate source of trident fasteners. 800 hours on this kit and 0 issues. :-)

Type: Stainless Steel