Phaetus aeForce™ PET-GF Filament 1kg Spool

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1kg spool of some tough-as-fucking-nails 15% glass-filled PET filament.

This is not your momma's PETG, this is some big boy POLYETHYLENE TEREPHTHALATE, a thirsty engineering material that won't make your front fall off (at least, not unless you really fucked something up). This shit prints just fine in open air, anneals without warping for those parts that just need that extra strength.

Nozzle 280-320℃
hard nozzle is a hard requirement. Glass filled materials will eat right through your fancy plated copper in mere meters.
Bed 60-80
PEI with some sort of release agent
(see: Highly recommended, this may keep your bed from exploding)
Chamber I printed this open air
Cooling Off for best layer adhesion
1-3mm, 1800-3600mm/min
Drying Dry in the oven at 80-100C for 4-6 hours, or in a heated drybox at 70C for 24+ hours
Annealing Bake in the oven at 100-120C for 4-8 hours, allow to cool naturally
Storage Airtight storage containers with dessicant will keep things fresh


For more information and material properties, see
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Color: Grey