Graded Aluminum Beds by Lightweight Labware

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Size: 255mm
Grade: AAA Grade
Stock: A Stock (nearly flawless)

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Universal 8mm thick aluminum beds for Voron v2, Voron Trident and others. These beds have been listed before, and with much fanfare. So, why the new listing, and why have I removed the ultraflat from the product title?

It turns out, like many things, the flatness of the beds is represented by a spectrum. Or, in this case grades.

The grades are as follows:

  • Grade AAA: 0.000-0.100mm variance
  • Grade AA: 0.100-0.150mm variance
  • Grade A: 0.150-0.200mm variance
  • Grade B: 0.200+ variance

These numbers come from a flateness tester, designed by lightweight labware. Each plate comes with it's own relief map and a unique identifier, which can be referenced in the DFH skunkworks GitHub repo. See images for examples.

The plates have been further separated into A and B stock. A stock is nearly flawless, while B stock may have anything from a small divot to oil embedded in the aluminum. No plate will be sold in a condition which will have any impact on your ability to print at the graed flatness.

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Size: 255mm
Grade: AAA Grade
Stock: A Stock (nearly flawless)