XOL2 Toolhead by Armchair Heavy Industries Kit

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Material: Stainless Steel

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From the repo:

Originally a project to slap 5020 blower fans onto Mantis, this toolhead variant started as an attempt to improve parts cooling, spurred on by Derpimus' noted cooling woes on his DOOMCube. After finding that the 5020s were just plain too fat to fit without looking like a standard Ender 3 Thingiverse special, I abandoned the large fan dream in favor of better cooling efficiency and lighter weight. This new and improved dream was also corrupted by my then budding and now all-consuming love for worm gears.


  • Better airflow than Stealthburner (6-7 CFM through short ducts vs 4.6-5.2 CFM through long ducts)
  • Improved resonance management compared to Mantis 5015
  • Support for Sherpa Mini-pattern extruder mounting as well as Annex Engineering's Double Folded Ascender worm gear extruder
  • Support for JosAr's Klicky, VinnyCordeiro and WhoppingPochard's PCB Klicky, and Nionio6915's Euclid

Kit includes:

item recommended included
M2x20 SHCS A2 2 3
M2x12 SHCS A2 6 8
M2x8 SHCS A2 2 3
M2.5x20 SHCS A2 4 5
M3x6 SHCS A2 6 8
M3x8 SHCS A2 7 9
M3x20 SHCS A2 2 3
M3x6 BHCS A2 1 2
M2x4x3.5mm Threaded Insert Brass With Black Nickel Coating 11 14
M3 Threaded Insert Brass With Black Nickel Coating 10 12
Gdstime 4010 Blower 24v 2 2
Runice 2510 Axial 24v 1 1
Zip Ties 0 5

Pictured with the Double Folded Ascender extruder.

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Material: Stainless Steel