Salad Fork Kit


The Salad Fork is a miniature 3D printer, based on the Voron Trident. It has a build area of 160mm, making it perfect for small projects and prototyping. Easy to use...

Salad Fork Kit Salad Fork Kit
Salad Fork Panels Kit Salad Fork Panels Kit
Salad Fork Heater and Power Supply Bundle Salad Fork Heater and Power Supply Bundle
Salad Fork Linear Rails Kit Salad Fork Linear Rails Kit
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The Salad Fork is a miniature 3D printer, based on the Voron Trident. It has a build area of 160mm, making it perfect for small projects and prototyping. Easy to use and affordable, the Salad Fork is the perfect choice for any DIY enthusiast.

Power supply, rails, heater, SSR (if required), panels and hotend are all sold separately, as there are multiple options available.

Part Type Manufacturer Component Included
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M2x6 BHCS 92
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M2x10 Self-Tapping 18
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M2x12 SHCS 12
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3 0.5mm shims 39
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x6 BHCS 86
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x6 SHCS 15
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x8 BHCS 74
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x8 SHCS 12
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x10 BHCS 117
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x10 SHCS 18
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x12 BHCS 78
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x12 SHCS 27
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x16 SHCS 5
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x20 SHCS 12
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x25 BHCS 27
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x25 SHCS 12
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x30 BHCS 9
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x35 BHCS 8
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3x35 SHCS 6
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M5x10 BHCS 6
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M5x16 BHCS 5
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M5 Hex Nut 5
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3 Lock Nut 9
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3 Hex Nut 234
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M2 Hex Nut 56
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M3 (5x4) Heatset Insert 51
Hardware/Fasteners DFH M4 Knurled Nut 5
Hardware/Fasteners DFH 6x3 Neodymium Magnets 30
Motion DFH F623-RS Flanged Bearing 24
Motion DFH GE5C Spherical Bearing 3
Motion DFH TR8x8 Leadscrew Nut 3
Motion Gates GT-2 6mm Belt 4
Motion Runice GT-2 20T 6mm Pulleys (5mm Bore) 2
Motion DFH DFH Nema14 Stepper Motor DFH-14MCRN-1848 2
Motion DFH DFH Nema14 Pancake Stepper Motor DFH-14MCRN-1815 1
Motion DFH DFH Nema17 Integrated Leadscrew Stepper Motor DFH-42USC-200N81404B 3
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-270 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 5
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-175 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 1
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-300 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 6
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-400 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 4
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-230 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 1
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-240 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 1
Frame (160mm³) DFH HFS3-1515-170 (T-SLOT EQUIVALENT) 1
Electronics BigTreeTech Manta 1
Electronics BigTreeTech TMC 2209 5
Electronics BigTreeTech CB1 Pi Replacement 1
Electronics BigTreeTech EBB CAN Toolhead Board 1
Electronics BigTreeTech U2C CAN Interface 1
Electronics Igus Chainflex® CF113-007-D 3
Electronics Fyestc V0 display 1
Electronics Omron D2F Micro Switch 4
Electronics DFH 24AWG Wire (FEP) 10
Electronics DFH 18AWG Wire (FEP) (Green, White, Black) 1
Electronics DFH 18AWG Wire (FEP) (Black, Red) 1
Electronics DFH IEC 320-C14 AC Inlet 1
Electronics DFH 8A 250V 5x20mm Fuse 1
Electronics DFH 7mm x 7mm Cable Chain 1m
Electronics Gdstime 4010 Axial fan (24V) 2
Electronics DFH DIN rail 2
Toolhead Runice BMG Clone Gears (RNC Coated) 1
Toolhead Gdstime 3010 Blower Fan (24V) 2
Toolhead Gdstime 3010 Axial Fan (24V) 1
Toolhead DFH 4mm OD 2.5mm ID PTFE/FEP Tube 100mm
Toolhead DFH 4mm OD 3mm ID PTFE Tube 1m
Bed (160mm³) DFH/LLW 160mm² UltraFlat Aluminum Bed 1
Bed (160mm³) DFH 170mm² Magnetic Pad 1
Bed (160mm³) DFH 160mm² Flex Plate Smooth/Texture SF Logo 1
Misc DFH Rubber Feet 4
Misc DFH 5x25mm Pin 1
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White, Purple, Red, Blue, Pink


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