Polyformer Kit by Reiten966

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For the next few month, or so, the week's orders will ship the following Monday. Find more information on GitHub, Discord and the project site.  Polyformer is a 3D printed, open-source...

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For the next few month, or so, the week's orders will ship the following Monday.

Find more information on GitHub, Discord and the project site

Polyformer is a 3D printed, open-source machine that recycles PET bottles (90% of plastic water bottles are made from PET) into filaments for 3D printers. Polyformer is designed to be built with mostly 3D printed parts and easily obtainable components commonly found on 3D printers. Most makers can build it themselves. The modular architecture allows users to easily swap out parts and modify the machine to their liking. The unique vertical L shape allows the users to easily interact with the machine and also minimizes the amount of space that the machine takes.

By using a slicing tool built with stacked bearings to cut the water bottle into a long and consistent ribbon, the user can then feed the ribbon into the repurposed 3D printer hotend which thermoforms the ribbon into a 1.75mm filament as it goes through the brass nozzle with corresponding hole size. The user can then mount one end of the filament on the red motorized spool to automize the process. The spool can be easily taken off to be transferred and used on a 3D printer. The outer shell can be easily opened thanks to the geared mechanism, it can be closed the same way to keep the user away from touching the hotend. The entire machine was printed using recycled PET bottles which gives a nice translucent look to it.

Printed parts not incuded. 

Kit includes:

Component BOM Qty Included
FEP Wire 18awg (red, green, white) 0 0.5
FEP Wire 18awg black 0 1
Female Spade Connectors 0 10
Forked Spade Connectors 0 10
623 Bearings 3x10x4mm 8 8
608 Bearing 8mm x 22mm x 7mm 3 3
1.6mm drill bit 1 1
Stainless steel 12mmx300mm Tubing or Rod  5 5
PTFE Lubricant (spray for US orders, semi-solid for rest of word) 1 1
2mm allen key - 80mm length 1 1
Big tree tech EBB42 1 1
6020 24v Fan 1 1
1.3" or 0.96" display with connectors 1 1
STEPPERONLINE Nema 17 Stepper Motor Bipolar 2A 59Ncm(84oz.in) 48mm Body 1 1
C14 Panel Mount Plug 1 1
Mean Well LRS-100-24 1 1
Generic Volcano Heater Block 1 1
24v 40W Heater Cartridge 1 1
M3 Screw Thermistor 104NT 1
Generic Brass Volcano Nozzle - 1.75mm x 1.20mm 1 1
6mmx3mm Neodymium magnets 12 15
BHCS M3x6mm 39 47
BHCS M3x8mm 14 17
BHCS M3x12mm 58 70
BHCS M3x20mm 9 11
Stainless Steel BHCS M3x30mm 8 10
M3 Nuts 13 16
Alloy steel M3 Washer 11 14
M3x5x4mm Heatset Insert 108 130

For the moment, it's gonna be BYO-Power Cord. This may change,