LDO Breakout Board for Stealthburner Toolhead PCB

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The breakout PCB breaks out the 14pin toolhead cable into individual ports that can then be connected to the mainboard. The breakout PCB has ports that correspond to their counterparts in the toolhead PCB. The breakout PCB also accepts a 4 pin endstop cable. 

Port Descriptions

The table below briefly describes the purpose of each port located on the breakout PCB. 

PCB Label Name Connector Description
HEF/24V Hotend Fan* JST-XH-2P Fan port for cooling the hotend heatsink. HEF denotes the negative pin.
PCF/24V Part Cooling Fan* JST-XH-2P Port for part cooling fan. PCF denotes the negative pin.
HE0/24V Hotend Heater* Microfit3-2P Port for hotend heater cartridge. HE0 denotes the negativepin.
TH0/GND Hotend Thermistor JST-XH-2P Thermistor port for hotend. TH0 denotes the signal pin.
CT/GND Chamber Thermistor JST-XH-2P Thermistor port for the onboard thermistor on the toolhead PCB. CT denotes the signal pin.
XES/GND X Endstop JST-XH-2P X endstop port. XES denotes the signal pin
YES/GND Y Endstop JST-XH-2P Y endstop port. YES denotes the signal pin
Vin/X/Y/GND Input for the Endstop PCB JST-XH-4P The input port from the endstop PCB used in V2.4 or Trident. If a hall endstop PCB is used, extra circuit on the PCB needs to be populated to generate 5V at Vin. This port is not used in Switchwire builds.
24V/ABL/GND Probe JST-XH-3P Probe port. 
E-MOTOR E Stepper Motor JST-XH-4P Extruder stepper motor port
CFAN/24V Chamber Fan** JST-XH-2P  Connects to the electronics chamber fan in the switchwire. CFAN denotes the negative pin.
LED/24V LED** JST-XH-2P  Connects to the LED strip in the switchwire. LED denotes the negative pin.
CFAN/LED Chamber Fan + LED Control Signal** JST-XH-2P  Connects to the LED/CFAN control signals on the mainboard. Only used in Switchwire. 
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