Iconic Fab Stealth Press Complete Kit

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About Stealth Press

Stealth Press is a highly precise, mostly printed DIY heat set insert tool for generic, TS100/101, and Pinecil soldering irons.

There are multiple projects like this available for free download and build. Most of them rely on Misumi standard 2020 or 4020 extrusions to provide precision which adds extra cost, time, and complexity to the build.

Stealth Press build relies on precision provided by 300mm MGN12H linear rail instead which provides a stable spine to build every other component around it.

Integrated, printable build plate adds another critical element for precision and easiness with which to work.


Included in the Kit

More info: Printables.
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Customer Reviews

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Great product, great customer support. Thanks again!

Thom Sturgill
Every thing was as should be.

Iron would not turn on but support was excellent and a new iron was in the mail the next day.

I do find it ironic that the design needs so many insert to assemble the tool for placing the inserts. Personally I do not design for inserts. Nuts are better, though harder to design.

Thanks for the review. Hope this iron works...

Works great

Received the kit everything worked great. Unfortunately the listing is not clear enough to indicate it is not using a traditional key-bak. So I printed the wrong parts initially had to wait while the correct parts printed.

Argh. I'll try and clear that up. The original kits had people's soldering iron's flying across the room. Thanks for the review!

William Maurer
Nice kit

I haven’t been able to get everything printed for it currently but it is a complete kit minus printed parts. Everything seem top notch and looking forward to getting it put together.


Private Butts
Great kit, great price

Just finished building my stealth press with this kit, it worked out fantastically. A couple things to note with this kit for anyone else looking to get it:

- I used the 16 ID iron mount and it was a very tight fit, even after removing the silicon hand grip from the iron. Could be that the printer I used for that is a bit off on dimensional accuracy but you may want to use the 17 or 18 one since there's screws to tighten them up.

- Use the "Not a Key-Bak" mount instead of the stock keybak mounts. It's provided in a remix here: https://www.printables.com/model/779386-not-a-key-bak-mount-for-stealth-press-heat-set-ins

- If you'd like a holder for the soldering iron accessories that come with the kit, I've made one that replaces one of the strain reliefs: