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The OmniaDrop V3 is an all-in-one extruder with a high extrusion consistency which was designed to print not only the most flexible filaments but also engineering grade filaments as well as fiber filled filaments.

  • Reliable flexible filament printing
  • Planetary gear system with an optimal gear ratio
  • High extrusion consistency
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Easy to use
  • High compatibility

Reliable flexible filament printing

The OmniaDrop V3 was designed to print flexible filaments reliably. Some key features like a short and highly constrained filament path as well as an optimized teeth profile are necessary to print even the most flexible filaments on the market. With these textures the OmniaDrop cannot only print flexible filaments but also engineering grade filament and fiber filled filaments.

Planetary gear system with an optimal gear ratio

A 5:1 planetary gear system gives the extruder a high extrusion force (100N) to print the most challenging materials on the market.

Dual Drive Gears

The OmniaDrop V3 uses a new Dual Drive Gear module of 0.3 with an optimized teeth profile to get a perfect grip on all kinds of filaments without slipping once.

RNC hardened surface coating

The Dual Drive Gear system is made from hardened steel with an HRC hardness of 60+. On top of that the surface is RNC coated which achieves a surface hardness of up to HV3300+, which greatly improves the life span of these gears.

Pancake Stepper Motor

Using a Nema 17 pancake stepper motor, the OmniaDrop V3 has a compact and light weight design with a base reference weight of 250g

Hotend cooling system

The hotend cooling system vents the air upwards so that when you print with engineering filaments there is less chance of warping.

Part cooling system

To dissipate the heat of the extruded filament as fast as possible the part cooling fan geometry was optimized to achieve a high area cooling effect.

Heating module

Very responsive temperature measurements and control with a Copper Nickel plated Ring Heater. (280°C, 50s )

Easy to use

Easy loading and unloading of filament using the manual wheel.

3D printed main body design

The extruder main body is 3D printed which can be redesigned according to individual requirements.

Symmetric Hardware Design

All hardware components were design symmetrically, which means that the OmniaDrop can be assembled in mirror mode, without the need for any special mirrored components.


  • Nozzle
    • Diameter: 0.4/1.75mm
    • Material: Nickel plated copper
  • Heatbreak
    • Type 1: Titanium Heatbreak_All-metal ×1
    • Type 2: Titanium Heatbreak_PTFE ×1
    • Size: 99.9*73.9*80.5mm
  • Color: baby Blue
  • Net weight: 250g The Base Reference Weight)
  • Features/Advantages
    • High torque stepper motor with a 5:1 planetary gear ratio.
    • Dual Drive Gear system with a tight meshing and a smooth torque transmission.
    • Extremely short filament path for optimal results with fiexible filaments.
    • The vertical heatsink air duct structure t ffect and minimizes any kind of warping.
    • Ring heater has a more uniform temperature distribution and a high nozzle heating efficiency.
    • The main extrusion system has a compact and light weight design with only 250g (base reference weight).
  • Material Technology
    • The core component is made of copper alloy, higher heat conduction
    • Titanium alloy heat break, excellent heat insulation effect
    • Aluminum alloy heat sink, great heat dissipation effect
    • The main body is made of PA-GF composite fiber, which has high strength and light weight
  • Applicable Filament: Suitable for flexible and other composite filaments

more information may be found in the GitHub repo here.

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