Binky by Marc Neuhaus: ERCF Encoder

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From the GitHub repo:

The original Filament Encoder of ERCF based on the TCRT5000 PCB is working for some people but is also creating headaches for lots of other people and also makes up quite a good amount of support questions on discord. I gave up getting it to work properly after ~10h and instead started to experiment with a different kind of sensor that uses a slotted wheel instead. First i tried a readily available KY-010 but sadly that board does not have any filtering which causes fales pulses on the "edge". So instead i created a new PCB based on the same small Omron sensor that is used on the KY-010 board, the EE-SX398. It's tiny, reliable and cheap, so i combined it onto a PCB with a schmitt filter to filter out false edge readings and also added a led like the TCRT5000 boards.

Binky by Marc Neuhaus

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