Voron Stealthburner Two Piece Board

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Variations: Purple Blank V1

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As part of the new PCB Classic collection, dfh.fm presents:

Variations on the two piece Voron Stealthburner board by HartK.

Listed in order from least to most awesome, here are the available Versions:

  • Purple Blank V1
  • Black Blank Fan Board
  • Purple Blank Fan Board
  • Red Fan Board Only
  • Purple Fan Board Only
  • Black LED Board Only
  • White LED Board Only
  • Red V2 and Fan Board
  • Black V2 Fan Board and LED Board
  • Black V3 Fan Board and LED Board
  • White V2 and LED Board With Connectors Kit
  • Purple V2 and LED Board With Connectors Kit
  • Red V2 Super-Duper Pack
  • Purple V2 Super-Duper Pack
  • Black V3 Super-Duper Pack

Know what you're buying:

V1-V4 Boards: HartK's revisions.

Blank: What is says. No connectors. Board in good condition. Usually just removed from the wrapper and bagged. This is the only of the boards with anything to do but crimp wires.

Fan Board Only: The secondary board which connects to the main board and attaches to the fan.

LED Board Only: Takes the place of the fan board, plus, LEDs.

Connector Kit: 

  • 100 Ohm resistor
  • Connector kit
  • 1m 24awg FEP
  • Ferrules x 2
  • Heat shrink

Stealthburner Fastener Kit:

  • M3x50 SHCS (fully threaded) x 3
  • M3x25 SHCS (fully threaded) x 2
  • M3x6 FHCS x 2
  • M3 Threaded inserts x 2
  • 6mm x 3mm Round magnet x 1
  • RGB LED x 3
  • RGBW LED x 3
  • 30awg FEP x 915mm

V(x) With LED Board and Connectors Kit:

  • V(x) Board
  • LED Board
  • Connector Kit

Super-Duper Kit:

  • V(x) Board
  • Fan Board
  • LED Board
  • Stealthburner Fastener Kit
  • Rainbow Barf by Lightweight Labware
  • Ferrules * 2
  • Heat Shrink
  • 100 Ohm resistor
  • Clear LED Housing 
  • LED Carrier (both parts)
  • LED Diffuser
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Variations: Purple Blank V1